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Call Off the Gender Police!

A piece in the Raleigh News-Observer discusses whether Hillary Clinton is being "dissed" unfairly because she's a woman.

For Heaven's sake.   Chances are, she is.  And there's nothing wrong with pointing it out -- after all the press should at least be
aspiring to cover all candidates fairly.

But the idea that every gender-related element can be removed from the coverage of Hillary Clinton's candidacy is as naive as expecting John McCain to receive "fair and balanced" treatment from The New York Times.

Put it this way.  If McCain can't handle the predictable MSM brickbats that will be thrown at any Republican candidate, he isn't ready to be President.  If Hillary and her supporters are going to melt down at every possibly sexist comment out there, then she isn't ready to be President.   It isn't a job for the thin-skinned.

After all, I hear that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a terrible sexist . . . worse even than the vast right wing conspiracy.


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