What Did You Expect? It's Jimmy Carter . . .

Posted: Apr 28, 2008 9:55 PM
Jimmy Carter appeared on "Larry King Live" tonight and essentially declined to denounce any of Reverend Wright's remarks.

He said that he wouldn't feel the need to leave Rev. Wright's church.  He also essentially parroted Wright's "context" argument -- one of Wright's most controversial comments, according to Carter, was "anomalous" in the rest of the sermon where it appeared.  

Wow.  But then again, what did you expect?  It's Jimmy Carter, bipartisan-pain-in-the-tushie.

And he's even succeeded in making things more difficult for Barack Obama (whom he coyly refused to endorse, despite noting that his entire family and the state of George supports him).  If Barack does decide he must publicly renounce Trinity and denounce Rev. Wright's new remarks -- well, the constituents who will be angry at him will be able to point to Carter, who declined to criticize Wright in any fashion.

Nice going, President Carter.

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