Hillary Wins

Posted: Apr 22, 2008 10:20 PM
With what looks like a convincing win for Hillary, there are danger signs that should be making Democrats plenty nervous.

What is the problem that Barack can't win despite having the momentum that a frontrunner enjoys, outspending Hillary 2:1, and enjoying very favorable press?  And what does it portend for November?

No doubt those who voted for Hillary over Barack will be implicitly characterized by some as racist.  Interestingly, on CNN, Bill Schneider was talking about white men "voting for race over gender" (or words to that effect) --  as though identity politics were the only rationale for a ballot.

But the good people of Pennsylvania may have realized, as last week's debate and the "bitter" comments have highlighted, that there is much that the country has yet to learn about Barack Obama -- and they may be reluctant to take a gamble on an aloof candidate about whom so much remains unknown . . . especially when what's coming to light raises some legitimate and troubling questions.