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A Telling Admission

This piece from Bloomberg News discusses Hillary Clinton's widening credibility gap as the MSM and Democrats finally are liberated by the Bosnia brouhaha to discuss the many instances of "misspeaking" over the years on the part of the former First Lady.

But the piece includes this telling point:

``We pay more attention to her because we know more about her,'' said Hank Sheinkopf, an unaligned Democratic strategist. ``The Clintons have been part of the daily American soap opera for 20 years.'' By contrast, ``Barack Obama doesn't have enough experience in the Senate to `get him' on things,'' he said.

Yes, well.  Isn't that last point worth reflecting on?  In other words, Democrats are poised to nominate for President a candidate with such limited experience that there hasn't even been time to discover whether he sticks by his principles when the going gets tough (we all know what Hillary does, of course).

Are voters really ready to elect a man to the most powerful office in the world when his public record isn't extensive enough to offer any meaningful insights into either his priorities or his persistence in pursuing them?

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