Nancy Pelosi Calls Presidential Race for Joe Biden

Posted: Nov 04, 2020 7:00 PM
Nancy Pelosi Calls Presidential Race for Joe Biden

Source: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

The whole country is waiting in suspense to learn the winner of Tuesday's election. But not House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Pelosi fired off a letter on Wednesday in which the California liberal said she's looking forward to "working in partnership with the Democratic White House." 

Nancy Pelosi cited Joe Biden's remarks earlier on Wednesday, where the former vice president shared a stage with his running mate and said he was confident the ticket was ahead in enough states to put him in the White House, as the reason for her declaration that Joe Biden will prevail in the election. 

"This afternoon, Joe Biden made it clear that the Biden-Harris ticket will have enough votes to win the Electoral College," Pelosi began her letter to her Democratic colleagues. 

"Our Democratic House Majority, working in partnership with the Democratic White House, will now have the opportunity to deliver extraordinary progress," Pelosi warned. 

The speaker cited issues regarding immigrants, the LGBTQ, and topics like climate change and health care where she believes the Democrats can deliver "extraordinary progress."

While the results of the election. are still out, Nancy Pelosi is expected to retain the speakership with perhaps a smaller majority than she enjoyed going into Tuesday's election.  

A clueless  and hypocritical Pelosi ended her letter by calling on her Democratic colleagues to "remain patient as votes are tallied and races are called." 

You first, Nancy. 

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