WATCH: CNN Lectures Secretary Devos on Reopening Schools

Posted: Jul 12, 2020 2:55 PM

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said on Sunday that kids need to go back to school. Those are fighting words on CNN. 

CNN's Dana Bash conducted the interview -- it was more like a lecture -- shaming the education secretary for wanting schools to reopen and jeopardizing the health of schoolchildren. 

"There is nothing in the data that would suggest that kids being back in school is dangerous to them," DeVos pointed out.

The same Democrats who had no problem sending coronavirus patients into nursing homes packed with vulnerable seniors are suddenly cosseting schoolchildren who are far less susceptible to extreme illness from the Wuhan coronavirus. Data from around the world shows children are far less likely to suffer serious illness from the virus and also far less likely to require hospitalization than older adults, according to the CDC. 

"Kids need to be in school. They need to be learning. They need to be moving ahead. And we can't -- we cannot be paralyzed and not allow that or not be intent on that happening," DeVos argued. 

While pulling children out of the progressive agitprop regimen they are typically exposed to at the public schools might go a long way to help save the nation, having to home school children isn't a reality many working parents can stomach. 

Democrats care about schoolchildren about as much as they care about the elderly, which is to say that they don't. Democrats change their opinions on the lockdowns based on whatever political calculation benefits them at the time. Sending coronavirus patients into nursing homes: safe; Reopening protests: dangerous; Left-wing protests: safe; Reopening schools: dangerous... You get the picture.  

Even if schoolchildren did spread the virus in class, it might help the country safely achieve the herd immunity it so desperately needs. We just need to make sure elderly people like Joe Biden don't go around creepily touching the kids after school. Let's be strategic about the lockdowns, for once, and protect seniors and those most vulnerable to the virus, not ruin the development of our children.