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Sanders Campaign to Request a Recanvass in Iowa After New Results

AP Photo/Elise Amendola

A senior adviser to Bernie Sanders says the campaign will request a recanvass of specific precincts in Iowa. The news comes after the state Democratic Party released new results showing Buttigieg edging ahead of Bernie Sanders. The Iowa Democratic Party has extended the deadline for candidates to request a recanvass to Monday, Feb. 11th. According to Politico, senior advisor to the Sanders' campaign Jeff Weaver said the campaign is also considering a request for a recount, which would be a more intense and extensive process than a recanvass.


The new numbers released on Sunday show Buttigieg ahead of Sanders in the projected delegate count. Buttigieg is now forecasted to pick up 14 delegates, Sanders 12, Warren 8, Biden 6 and Klobuchar 1. While Sanders won the support of a greater number of caucus-goers, Buttigieg won a greater number of delegates as a result of caucus rules. 

Despite the most recent figures, the Democratic Party maintains that errors on precinct math worksheets could not be corrected, as any such "correction" could be used as a claim of election interference, according to a report in The New York Times. 

(Via Politico)

“We will request a recanvass of specified precincts,” said Jeff Weaver, Sanders' senior adviser. “This was an informal review for clerical errors,” he said, referring to the IDP review. “But it wasn't a review more than that.”

"A number of these precincts is that the math used ... is wrong," he continued. Weaver said the Sanders campaign is also considering requesting a recount.

The Associated Press declined to call the race, following the updated results released on Sunday evening, citing the close margin and still some outstanding apparent inconsistencies in results.

“There is still some evidence the party may not have accurately tabulated some of its results, including those released late Sunday following a series of revisions,” an alert from the wire service read.


Meanwhile, Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has called on DNC Chair Tom Perez to resign following the ongoing fiasco in Iowa. 

What a mess. 

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