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APPhoto/Andres Kudacki

The president of the New York City Police Benevolent Association is sounding off on Democratic politicians for inciting violence against police officers following two attacks against officers in New York over the weekend. On Saturday night, a man tried to assassinate two officers sitting in a parked vehicle. The same man then walked into a police precinct on Sunday morning and began shooting. The suspect has now been identified as 45-year-old Robert Williams, a man with a lengthy criminal background. In the attack on Saturday, one officer was wounded but managed to drive himself to a nearby hospital. On Sunday, another officer was shot in the arm before the suspect eventually ran out of bullets, laid down on the ground and was taken into custody.


The two attacks come on the heels of a F*ck the Police Protest that took place in New York's Grand Central Station last weekend. Antifa and other far-left radicals shouted "f*ck the police" and denounced police officers as "fascists" and made other disparaging remarks towards the officers. 

"Some of the same elected officials who are standing at that podium today are talking about how lucky we are," Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch told reporters on Sunday. "Well, sometimes it's their words that are causing this. We talk about the protesters that are yelling, 'We want dead cops.' Those words meant something. And people listened, and they tried to kill cops."

On Twitter, the Benevolent Association retweeted a message from the organizers of last week's anti-cop protest. The tweet from the organizers doubles-down on their own anti-cop rhetoric.

Lynch drew a direct line from the elected officials supporting the protesters to the two attacks that happened within a 12-hour period this weekend.

"But who's leading them? Lynch asked. "Some of the elected officials that stand here today, nodding their heads when we speak, are the ones that's leading those crowds. Leading those demonstrators. Putting the words in those protesters' mouths."


Lynch said it was time for the two-faced politicians to call for a stop to the dangerous anti-cop rhetoric being espoused by the protesters. 

"Start backing our police officer," Lynch demanded. "Our elected officials that stand and nod with us, it's time you open your mouth and say 'this must stop.'"

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