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AP Photo/Ron Harris

CNN spends millions employing countless "analysts" who invariably reach the same determination: Republicans are racist. It seems like CNN could save a lot of money by just having one or two "analysts" whose only job it is to call Republicans "racist" 24/7, but who am I to tell CNN how to run their business. 


John Harwood, the latest such analyst to join CNN, is blaming Republican opposition to calling new witnesses in the president's impeachment trial on, you guessed it, "the old Confederacy." In a tweet, Harwood said "the old Confederacy represents the bulwark of the 21st century GOP." Since Harwood is going to blame every problem in the 21st century on "the old Confederacy," CNN should probably find a more nuanced analyst. 

Harwood's "analysis" isn't just lazy in its conclusions -- it's lazy in its math, as pointed out by several people on Twitter. Here's a sample:

Others were willing to overlook the math, but couldn't get past the absurdity of blaming anything on "the old Confederacy," much less anything to do with the Republican Party which helped defeat the Confederacy nearly 155 years ago. 


Conn Carroll, Communications Director for Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), used the opportunity to explain to CNN why it's so difficult to get Sen. Lee to appear on the network.  

It now appears John Harwood deleted his tweet. But if CNN is going to delete every bad analysis, the network isn't going to have anything left. 


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