MSNBC Analyst Says Impeachment Trial Is a 'Murder Conspiracy' and Victim 'Is the Constitution'

Posted: Jan 23, 2020 7:20 PM

On Thursday, the Democratic impeachment managers continued to present their case against President Trump, while viewers drifted in an out of consciousness. The media must not be happy that boredom appears to be the common experience being felt by those watching the trial. The Democrats are building their case by endlessly repeating themselves and replaying clips from their glory days back during the House impeachment inquiry, where the Schiff show resulted in support for impeachment actually going down in the polls. The media sees it as their job to remind everyone how serious the situation is and how hysterical everyone in America should be right now given the gravity of the accusations the Democrats have made up against the president. 

MSNBC assembled one of their oversized panels to discuss the ongoing trial. It was apparently the job of MSNBC political analyst and New School professor Maya Wiley to ratchet up the hysteria this time, which she dutifully did by saying the impeachment trial underway in the Senate is about "a murder conspiracy and the victim here is the Constitution." But at least in a murder trial, the president would have been given due process. 

The media have finally pointed to a specific crime the president allegedly committed, murder, but they forgot to file the appropriate charges or gather any evidence of it. Instead, the Democratic impeachment managers droned on and on all day Thursday about the Bidens and how corrupt Burisma was and how Joe fired the prosecutor who was investigating his son's employer. As Sen. Josh Hawley put it, the Bidens must be called in as witnesses to answer questions since the Democrats are building their entire case around the Biden family.