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Walk of Shame: Democrats Hand Over Impeachment Articles to the Senate

The impeachment hoax is big on drama and short on substance. Earlier on Wednesday, Speaker Pelosi lied about what the president said during his July 25th phone call with the leader of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, and then she ripped a line from the mob movie "The Irishman" to vilify the president as some sort of mobster looking to hire a hit man. Later in the day, when the speaker signed two articles of impeachment, she was all smiles as she handed out ceremonial singing pins traditionally used to celebrate landmark policy victories, like President Trump's signing of the phase one trade deal with China earlier in the day. And we're supposed to believe Pelosi when she says this is a "sad day for America." Even a CNN panel couldn't ignore the "jarring" glee with which the speaker took in the supposedly sad and tragic moment for the country. 


Democratic House Clerk Cheryl Johnson led the newly appointed impeachment managers down the long halls of the nation's capitol -- at least, they seemed long given the lethargic speed at which the cast of characters moved. The moment was designed to allow the liberal media every opportunity to announce what a "historic" and "sobering" moment the Democrats' walk of shame supposedly meant to everyone. Setting the scene, Pelosi declared, "Today, we will make history. When the managers walk down the hall, we will cross a threshold in history."

The only threshold being crossed by the Democrats is the one establishing a tradition in this country where the party out of power in the White House impeaches a duly-elected president over absolutely nothing, pointing to no actual crimes that took place, especially not any mentioned in Section 4 of Article Two in the Constitution, where the founders went out of their way to define the types of crimes for which civil officers could be impeached. Indeed, it is a sad day for the country, but not for the various reasons espoused by Democrats and the media. The real abuse of power was done by House Democrats, and the real obstruction has been carried out by Democrats ever since they pledged their allegiance to "the Resistance." 


The Democratic impeachment managers are expected to present their incredibly weak case to the Senate beginning at noon on Thursday. 

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