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The Democratic front runner was caught once again doing something perverted with a small girl, breaking an earlier pledge the candidate made to stop being so creepy. Biden was filmed doing several inappropriate things with the small child as the defenseless girl attempted in vain to get away. 

In the video, Biden can be seen zeroing in on the girl. As he approaches her and begins caressing her back, Biden coaxes the child into giving an awkward hug. Then, the repeat offender places his arm around the girl and presses his mouth against the child's ear. The candidate then begins nuzzling and whispering softly to the kid. The girl visibly recoils from the candidate as he continues to rub her back and gaze leeringly at her. 

If Trump was caught doing any of the creepy things that Biden does regularly with children, the media would be accusing Donald Trump of being a pedophile, which would make for the strongest article of impeachment against the president to date. 

In Apr. 2018, Biden apologized after several women came forward to describe their uncomfortable interactions with the former vice president. Biden argued that social norms were changing, and he promised to be more mindful and respectful of personal spaces in the future. 

Promises made. Promises broken. 


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