Big Applause for the President at Army-Navy Football Game

Posted: Dec 14, 2019 10:30 PM

The media couldn't deny the warm welcome the president received at the 120th Army-Navy football game on Saturday. It's the third year the president has attended the game, twice as commander in chief and once as president-elect.

On Saturday, President Trump visited both lockerrooms ahead of the military matchup. At a press conference before the game, the president took part in an announcement that military policy has been changed to now allow athletes in military academies to play professional sports immediately following graduation. Previously, graduates were required to complete their military service before being able to play for professional teams.

When President Trump's name was announced as part of the coin toss, the crowd erupted in wild applause. Trump also received applause later in the game as the crowd chanted "USA."

When the president attended a World Series game to watch the Washington Nationals face off against the Houston Astros in October, the media was quick to report that audible boos had been directed towards the president. The crowd also unoriginally chanted "lock him up" during the game. Of course, that took place in swampy D.C. where just over four percent of the vote went for Donald Trump in 2016, so this may have been considered favorable press by the Trump campaign.