New Transcript Shows Heated Exchange Between Rep. Gaetz and Adam Schiff

Posted: Nov 08, 2019 6:09 PM
New Transcript Shows Heated Exchange Between Rep. Gaetz and Adam Schiff

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The transcripts from the closed-door depositions in the Democrat-led impeachment efforts are now being released. On Friday, the transcript of Dr. Fiona Hill's testimony on Oct. 14 was released. Hill worked as a special assistant on Russian affairs in the Trump administration. The transcript of Hill's testimony captures a heated exchange between Rep. Matt Gaetz, a member of the Judiciary Committee, and Chairman Adam Schiff.

As Rep. Jim Jordan prepared to give a statement, Chairman Schiff interrupted to ask whether any members of Congress were present who were not “authorized” to be there. 

"Mr. Gaetz, you’re not permitted to be in the room," Chairman Schiff declared. 

Rep. Gaetz responded, "I am on the Judiciary Committee."

When Chairman Schiff told Rep. Gaetz that the Judiciary Committee was not part of the hearing," Rep. Gaetz stated, "I thought the Judiciary Committee had jurisdiction over impeachment."

Chairman Schiff demurred, "Mr. Gaetz, you’re not permitted to be in the room. Please leave."

Rep. Jim Jordan interrupted the back and forth between Reps. Gaetz and Schiff to ask the chairman why one more member of Congress could not attend the hearing when, as Jordan argues, all 435 Members are entitled to hear these testimonies. 

"Mr. Gatez," Schiff said, "you’re not a member of the three designated committees that are participating in this interview. You’re not permitted to be here. That is the ruling of the chair, and you are required to leave."

Gaetz then asked Chairman Schiff to cite the specific rule stating that he as a member of the Judiciary Committee was not allowed to attend the hearing.

"We’ll wait until Mr. Gaetz leaves before we begin," the Chairman stated. "I do want to say that this dilatory tactic will come out of the minority’s time for questioning." 

"This isn’t dilatory," Gatez explained, "You can begin any time you like."

As the clock began, and Rep. Jordan resumed his initial statement, the chairman interrupted once again.

“The record should reflect that Mr. Gatez has left the room,” the chairman said.