Dobbs Asks Rep. Scalise About His Vote to Condemn Trump's Decision in Syria

Posted: Oct 16, 2019 8:40 PM
Dobbs Asks Rep. Scalise About His Vote to Condemn Trump's Decision in Syria

Source: AP Photo/Kathy Willens

Rep. Steve Scalise spoke with Lou Doubs Wednesday evening regarding a foreign policy meeting he attended earlier with President Trump and congressional leaders, as well as his vote to condemn the Trump administration's decision to withdrawal troops from Syria. 

Earlier in the day, the House voted in favor of a resolution condemning President Trump for withdrawing troops from Syria. Rep. Scalise was one of the 129 Republicans who joined the Democrats to condemn the president’s decision. A baffled Dobbs told the congressman, “You voted for it. I don’t understand why.”

While 129 Republicans joined with Democrats to condemn Trump’s decision, 60 stood by the president.  

Dobbs explained, “The people who voted for him in 2016 voted for him with this promise on the table: That he was going to get our troops out of wars in which they did not belong, out of international police actions – precisely the description of, I think, northern Syria. Isn’t it time to start following this president? I mean, I don’t understand it. The Republicans – I would think you guys would say, ‘you know Nancy Pelosi is for it, I sure as hell better be against it.’”

The Fox Business host then cited a recent Economist/YouGov poll showing 57 percent of Republicans support Trump’s decision to withdrawal troops from Syria, and he asked Rep. Scalise if he feared retaliation from Republican voters for failing to stand with the president and joining with House Democrats to condemn Trump's decision? 

Dobbs also questioned how Rep. Scalise could join Lindsey Graham who, as Dobbs characterizes, “does not have a great skill and a great record in foreign policy?”

Rep. Scalise appeared to give the same answer to each one of Dobbs’ tough questions: emphasizing all the other areas in which he agrees with the president; criticizing Speaker Pelosi for storming out of today’s meeting; and denouncing the closed-door impeachment inquiry going on in the House.