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NARAL Debuts Abortion-Themed Ice Cream Flavor 'Rocky Roe v. Wade'

If you like abortion and you like ice cream, then you’re in luck.

NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon and local Portland ice cream shop What’s the Scoop? have teamed upto create an abortion-themed ice cream flavor. The limited time only “Rocky Roe v. Wade” ice cream is selling for $9.50 a pint until August 26.


“Order yours now and help defend reproductive freedom,” reads a tweetfrom NARAL, with the hashtag “SaveRoe”.

Three additional flavors of ice cream--brown butter almond brittle, vegan chocolate sorbet, and vanilla--are also being sold under the hashtag. Half the proceeds from sales of the four flavors will go to NARAL.

Catherine Glenn Foster, President and CEO of Americans United for Life (AUL), believes the disturbing sales campaign has everything to do with concern over Judge Kavanaugh’s upcoming confirmation to the United States Supreme Court.

“Democrats are realizing they won't be able to stop Kavanaugh,” Foster said, “and pulling stunts like this only further shows their losing hand. Barring some kind of shocking, breaking news, Judge Kavanaugh is totally on track to become the next Supreme Court Justice.”

“What’s the Scoop?” has also reportedly been hosting pro-abortion ice cream socials, where actual members of NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon are in the parlor, scooping the flavors.

Jonathan Lockwood, a local Portland-based political consultant, criticized NARAL for the “disgusting” move in two different Medium posts.

“What have we come to when aborting 8 month pre-born babies or aborting babies because they’re little girls, is one acceptable, but worse, two is celebrated!” Lockwood wrote on Medium. “I thought I was pro-choice when I came to Oregon, but after seeing first-hand how insidious this far-left agenda has become I am embarrassed to call myself pro-choice.”


According to the Daily Wire, Lockwood also specifically called out NARAL Oregon’s executive director Grayson Dempsey.

In response, Dempsey accused Lockwood of “shaming women” and “terrorizing a local business.”

But Lockwood wasn’t having it.

“Oregon is the abortion Mecca of the United States and people need to put the heat on NARAL and What’s the Scoop and shut down these disgusting abortion ice cream parties,” Lockwood said. “Oregonians are being forced to fund other people’s late-term and gender-based abortions and it needs to end.”

It should be noted that Oregon has some of the most pro-abortion laws on the books in the country. The state’s abortions are taxpayer funded, women are guaranteed access to abortion and birth control with no copays, and the state’s Democratic Governor Kate Brown is a bisexualformer lobbyist for abortion.

Oregon pro-life activists hope to bantaxpayer-funded abortions at the ballot box this November, however.

Anyone wanting to register their opposition to NARAL’s abortion-themed ice cream can do so at the following:

What’s the Scoop

0664 SW Gaines St.

Portland, OR 97239

Ph: 503.719.5308

Online contact form found here.

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