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AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

The Democratic National Committee on Saturday sent an email to supporters begging for donations to help plaster a new ad on President Joe Biden's American Rescue Plan, the $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill that he recently signed into law. 


According to the email to supporters, the DNC needs cash "so we can blanket the airwaves and support Democrats nationwide" with the ad touting the American Rescue Plan's success. 

"Truth is, President Biden and Democrats’ future success -- passing legislation and building on our majorities -- depends largely on how much people like the American Rescue Plan," DNC Communications Director Adrienne Watson said in the email. "... I’ll be real: We know that Democrats have a history of passing good policy that helps working people and families. But we also know that it’s not enough to get a historic package like the American Rescue Plan passed -- we have to go out and sell folks on what we’re getting accomplished."

"We cannot sit back and wait to get our message out there. That means fighting like hell with every tool in our kit -- media hits, paid ads, digital organizing, and more -- to share with the public and the press how the American Rescue Plan is getting our country back on the road to recovery," the email stated.


During his speech on Jan. 6, President Trump said Americans need to "fight like hell" to ensure there are honest elections. Democrats repeatedly referenced that speech to say Trump "incited an insurrection." If that language caused so much damage, why is the Democratic Party using that very same type of message to fundraise? Either that phrase causes violence or it doesn't. 

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