How Freshman Congresswoman Nancy Mace Hopes to Be a 'New Voice' in the GOP

Posted: Jan 19, 2021 9:00 AM
How Freshman Congresswoman Nancy Mace Hopes to Be a 'New Voice' in the GOP

Source: AP Photo/Mic Smith

Republicans in the House scored a major victory in November when they successfully flipped a number of seats from blue to red. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) touted the election cycle as the "year of the Republican woman" because of the record-breaking number of women that joined Congress.

Now that things are in full swing inside the Beltway, members of the freshmen class are starting to make a name for themselves. In fact, Rep. Peter Meijer (R-MI), who replaced Congressman Justin Amash, took heat for voting in favor of impeaching President Donald Trump. It's something he recognized as "political suicide." Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) has made waves for wanting to carry her firearm inside the Capitol and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has become known as a staunch Trump supporter.

Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R-SC) is another freshman legislator hoping to raise her profile. She said her hope is to "be a new voice for the Republican Party."

"This was a traumatic event for many members of Congress. I believe in the days, weeks and months to come, as we learn more, the worse it's going to get," Mace said about the Capitol riot on January 6.

The congresswoman said she not only feared for her safety and the safety of her staff, but her children were originally supposed to be in town. Mace's intuition caused her to send them back to South Carolina.

"We do need to find a way to hold the president accountable and we're doing that in the press. We're seeing corporations say, 'Not one more dime to those that objected. We're going to do the right thing,'" she explained. "... I want to be a new voice for the Republican Party and that's one of the reasons I've spoken out so strongly against the president, against these QAnon conspiracy theorists that led us to a Constitutional crisis. It's just wrong and we got to put a stop to it."

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