Multiple Swing States Are Having Issues with Voting Machines

Posted: Nov 03, 2020 5:05 PM
Multiple Swing States Are Having Issues with Voting Machines

Source: AP Photo/Mike Stewart, File

As Election Day heads into the evening multiple swing states are reporting issues with voting machines that are used to tally. 

In Spalding County, Georgia, voting machines are facing technical problems, something that the local sheriff's office said began shortly after the polls opened Tuesday morning. Voters were handed provisional ballots to vote on, although many left out of frustration.

According to WSB-TV, the Secretary of State said the malfunction was due to "human error" but precincts are handling the issue. 

As of now, the machines are up and running for those who still wish to cast their ballot, FOX 5 in Atlanta reported.

The sheriff is encouraging residents who left the polls out of frustration to return and make their voices heard. 

Up north further, machines were reportedly down in Scranton, Pennsylvania. 

According to the York Daily Record, the glitch was "very minor" and was "quickly resolved." During that time, Pennsylvanians had the ability to fill out their ballot, put it in an emergency slot and they would be counted once the machines were fixed.

An election official at Kennedy Elementary School, Kathy Bufford, said the issue was how the machines were programmed. The machines they received were programmed for another nearby precinct. Although the machines were reprogrammed and fixed, a machine ate a paper ballot, which caused people to wait even longer.

Although voters had the ability to vote and put their ballot in the emergency slot, the majority chose to wait.

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