WATCH: Kenosha Woman Explains How Residents Can 'Put Love Back Into the City'

Posted: Sep 26, 2020 9:00 AM
WATCH: Kenosha Woman Explains How Residents Can 'Put Love Back Into the City'

Source: Townhall Media/Beth Baumann

KENOSHA, Wisc. – Even though Kenosha faced looting and rioting at the end of August, resident Molly Gray-Moores said it's possible for the city to recover if others decide to put love back into the community. 

"I just thought it was uncalled for," Gray-Moores told Townhall about the city's riots. "I understand that you're mad at the government and police and all them for what happened to Jacob Blake and what's been happening to African Americans in general. I have no problem with you voicing your opinion. The problem I have is how you voice your opinion. There was no need to take away all those small mom and pop businesses. Take it out on the city."

Gray-Moores said she reached out to Kenosha Mayor John Antaramian (D) and her alderman about getting materials and resources to help rebuild the community. They went radio silent.

"I want them to see that, yes, there was some hate throwed [sic] out a month ago, but what I'm doing is trying to share the love I have to fix back up our neighborhood," she told Townhall. "Not only am I trying to fix up my property to show people that's not how we live, that's not how Kenosha is, there's other people in the neighborhood that is doing the same thing."

According to the Kenosha woman, money has been used to fly in President Donald Trump but the people in the city haven't seen the benefits of his visit. Specifically, she wants to see elected officials hit the ground and talk to those who live and work in Kenosha. Gray-Moores mentioned that those who run the city don't live where the rioting and looting took place. 

"You need to talk to the people that live here," she said. "Not the people that don't live here because they don't live here everyday and see what happens day-to-day."

Gray-Moores decided to clean up her property and rehab her house because it was a "hot mess." She previously rented it out and the tenants failed to take care of the property. Once the tenant was evicted, Gray-Moores began rehabbing the house. She had a new back door installed and had rotted pieces of the porch ripped out. She was planting flowers and working on landscaping when I pulled up to talk to her.