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Even Dems Are Disgusted with One of Their Own's Grotesque Reason for Not Believing Tara Reade

AP Photo/Matt Rourke


According to the New Hampshire Union Leader, Komi sent his resignation letter to Speaker Shurtleff late Friday evening.


New Hampshire State Rep. Richard Komi (D) took to Twitter to explain why he doesn't believe Tara Reade's sexual assault allegation made against former Vice President Joe Biden. According to Komi, "the position of the female vagina" makes it highly unlikely the act took place "unless their [sic] is some cooperation" from Reade.

Steve Shurtleff, the Democratic Speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, called on Komi to resign following the tweet.

"I am appalled by Representative Komi's comments. They were dismissive and hurtful to survivors of sexual assault across the Granite State and across the country," Shurtleff said in a statement. "The comments are not fitting for the New Hampshire House of Representatives and immediately upon learning of them I called him and asked Representative Komi to resign his seat."

The New Hampshire Democratic Party echoed similar sentiments.

"Representative Komi’s comment is wrong, inappropriate, and offensive to all Democrats, and does not reflect the values of our party," New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley said in a statement. "I applaud Speaker Shurtleff's swift action, calling for Rep. Komi to resign immediately.”

Instead of resigning, Komi protected his tweets so they are private and only approved followers can view them.

Komi was one of Biden's earliest supporters.

The campaign even utilized him for a campaign ad, touting Biden's stance on expanding the Affordable Care Act.

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