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AP Photo/John Minchillo, File

Although the mainstream media absolutely loves to trash President Donald Trump and his accomplishments, his son, Eric Trump, sees it as a win.

"They help us," Trump said on "Watter's World" with Jesse Watters. "It's all negative all the time and there are some really incredible things happening in this country."

Specifically, the younger Trump cited the new trade deal with China that the president signed last week as well as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

"Our economy is the best it's ever been. Unemployment is the lowest it's ever been. Wages are screaming up for the first time in a decade," Trump explained. 

He said Americans tune into the mainstream media and see through their lies. In fact, he believes calling out the legacy media will be one of his father's historic moments.

"It's actually one of those things I think my father is going to go down for is letting people see through the BS of media that has been spoonfed to America for so long that no one's really ever questioned before," Trump explained. "Now they're questioning it and they don't buy it."

And because of the media's bias, Eric Trump believes his father will be reelected. 

The truth is Americans are sick and tired of the liberal mainstream media outlets sugar-coating their political bias and calling it news. They put their spin on things, which is fine, but they try and disguise it as being "nonpartisan" or "impartial" when it's anything but. Voters are now aware of the legacy media's shenanigans and they're not backing down.


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