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Steyer's Plan to Address the Trade War With China By Focusing on...Climate Change?

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Although Democrats are quick to want to back out of President Donald Trump's international trade deal with China, billionaire Tom Steyer says that's a deal-breaker unless climate change is also addressed. 


"You can't sign a deal, even if it's marginally better for working people until climate is also taken into consideration," Steyer explained. 

According to the billionaire, he's motivated by his children who are between the ages of 26 and 31.

"I cannot allow this country to go down the path of climate destruction," he said. "Everybody in their generation knows it." 

Steyer said deals are frequently signed without taking climate change into account.

"We cannot put climate on the backseat all the time and say, 'We're going to sign this one more deal. We're going to do one more thing without putting climate first," he explained. "That's why climate is my number one priority. We can do it in a way that makes us richer but we have to do it."

Steyer has continually said climate change is his number one issue, yet he made his money off the very industry that he claims to loathe.


If we eliminate fossil fuels, like Democrats want, millions of jobs would be flushed down the toilet. And guess where those jobs are primarily located? In flyover, the very area this debate was held.

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