WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez's Opponent Slams Her For Recruiting Radicals to Make Socialism a Reality

Posted: Jan 12, 2020 5:15 PM

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) decided she won't pay the $250,000 fee that's associated with being a member of the Democratic Party. Her reasoning? The party won't support so-called "insurgent" progressive candidates who challenge incumbents, like Ocasio-Cortez herself. 

Scherie Murray, Ocasio-Cortez's Republican opponent, believes this is a prime example that proves AOC is in politics for herself.

"Democrats are frustrated with her," Murray told Fox News' Lisa Booth. "This is just another example of AOC trying to deliver socialism to America and she's trying to recruit radicals to do so. I do think it's a shame she doesn't want to support her own party and be a team player."

Murray said she decided to run because "we're in this fight to combat what we see now as a far-left socialist narrative that's detrimental to America. Democrats are up in arms with her."

Booth pointed out that Murray previously tweeted support for AOC. According to the candidate, she wasn't excited about Ocasio-Cortez winning. She was excited about the fact that someone ousted long-time incumbent Joe Crowley. 

"She ousted an incumbent that wasn't in the district," Murray explained. "I plan on being in the district and I have a record of accomplishments, unlike my opponent, who from the time she was elected, has been on her bid for the limelight and have left the constituents of the 14th district abandoned. Queens and the Bronx deserve more. That's why I'm the best candidate, the best messenger, to deliver the message of unity."

"We don't need someone in Washington that's going to continue to divide the fight," she said. "We need to unite the fight. We need a leader in Washington that can work across the aisle and that's what I plan to do if duly-elected to the Queens and the Bronx to represent NY-14."