Trump's National Press Secretary Pinpoints Precisely Why Americans Hate the Swamp

Posted: Dec 29, 2019 2:30 PM

One of the reasons the American people were so attracted to Donald Trump when he ran for president in 2016 was because he talked about the "Swamp" that continually plagues Washington, D.C. 

The Trump campaign's national press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, gave the perfect example of the typical swampy behavior that Americans absolutely hate. And what better example to use than Hunter Biden?

“When I travel the nation and go to all the president's rallies, one thing I hear repeatedly is about the Washington Swamp and this notion that politicians go in and they're enriched, they profit off their time in public service and and there's no better example of that than Hunter Biden, who had no experience in oil or gas but gets this lucrative contract in Ukraine, gets this lucrative contract in China, both coincidentally after his father either leads the foreign relations with the country or visits there, in the case of China," McEnany explained during an interview on Fox News.

The idea that politicians frequently use their position of power to benefit themselves and their families is something the American people knew existed. It's something we knew took place. But Trump was really the first person to put a name on the corruption that plagues America's capital. And now, the Ukraine saga is a reminder that the Swamp needs to be drained.