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Collins: Democrats Repeatedly Talk About a So-Called Crime But We Have Yet to Hear What That Crime Is

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Doug Collins (R-GA) on Tuesday blasted Democrats for their repeated talks about President Donald Trump supposedly committing a crime yet they can't name what the specific crime is.


"Look, we can have plenty of time to talk about the very vague articles that we did. It's interesting. If you read the report from the majority, there's a lot of discussion about crimes but they couldn't find it themselves to charge one," a puzzled Collins explained during a Rules Committee meeting. "Again, common sense. Articles, when we think about impeaching a president in particular, for crimes.... This majority has tried so hard to be like Clinton and Nixon and failed so miserably."

“But every time we try, we try once again, except the one thing when it came down to the very end, the one thing they couldn’t do was find find a crime," he explained. “They talk about it a bunch. If you read the majority’s report, it is well written. It is some of the best work you’ll see, frankly, in some ways a fictional account of what this actually is."

Collins said the Democrats are "hell bent" on finding something President Trump has done wrong. The main difference between this impeachment process and ones in the past, the Ranking Member argued, is that there were clear crimes committed by Nixon and Clinton. The same can't be said about Trump.


“If this was as the speaker said, should be overwhelming, bipartisan and the American people understand it, then why are we in the rules committee today?" he asked. "When it was with Clinton it was a you’ll see, straight to the floor. It didn’t have to come to the Rules Committee because both sides could see there was something that needed to be discussed and that’s not true here.”

Collins reminded the Rules Committee of one important tidbit: Alexander Hamilton previously warned about a partisan impeachment process. Hamilton was worried about a majority party in the House pursing impeachment against the president of an opposing party. 

Hamilton's warning is literally coming true. Democrats are wanting to impeach Trump because of philosophical differences and their purse hatred for the president.

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