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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

As Democrats continue with their impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, one thing is increasingly clear: the Democratic Party is worried about their ability to beat Trump in 2020. Voters go to the polls in the Iowa Caucus in less than 12 weeks and the Democratic field is still fairly packed. 


The Trump campaign is focused on reminding the American people of promises the President made during the 2016 election cycle and kept once in office. He has successfully delivered on tax cuts, unemployment rates have hit a record low – especially for Hispanics and African Americans – and the Senate has successfully confirmed 99 judges (with more slated for the remainder of the year).

New data from the Republican National Committee shows Americans are feeling the benefits of having President Trump in office. Voters in three key battleground states –  New Hampshire, Michigan and Pennsylvania – say they are better off financially today than they were three years ago. 

“Democrats know they cannot beat President Donald Trump at the ballot box in 2020. The American people are better off today than they were three years ago, and a socialist nominee would only destroy the economic progress enjoyed by tens of millions," Trump Victory spokesperson Rick Gorka told Townhall. "We know the partisan impeachment witch hunt is fueled by political motives but we also know the American people believe President Donald Trump is the reason for more money in their pockets.”

In Michigan, voters are 17 percent more likely to believe they are better off financially today than they were three years ago. That number jumps to 22 percent with voters under 35 years old. Those who reside in Macomb County, part of the Detroit metro area, are 22 percent more likely to agree that they are better off financially than they were three years ago.


Voters in New Hampshire are 33 percent more likely to believe they are better off financially than they were before the Trump administration. Working moms in the state are 31 percent more likely to feel their financial situation has improved since Trump took office. For voters in rural Coos County, it's 34 percent more likely.

Pennsylvanians are benefitting from the Trump economy and are 20 percent more likely to agree that they are better off than they were three years ago. That number jumps with voters under 35 years old to 25 percent. Working moms in the state are 18 percent more likely to feel their financial situation has improved.

The RNC invested more than $350 million in data that tracks key issues in every state, which allows their data and analytics team to closely monitor electorates and the issues that are important to them. 

According to Bill Skelly, CEO of Causeway Solutions, a leader in the data field, the RNC's information is "unmatched."

“I work with RNC voter data every day and the quality and breadth of information is unmatched. The data is refreshed daily with information collected through the tireless efforts of RNC-led volunteers, activists and campaigns out there making phone calls and knocking on the doors of real voters in real time," Skelly told Townhall. "As a result, Republicans have an extremely valuable asset that their Democrat counterparts are rightly jealous of."


This data is provided to campaigns at the federal, state and local levels free of charge. The only thing the RNC asks for in return: for Republicans across the country to keep the data up-to-date when they knock on doors and phone bank.

"Instead of paying for data, the GOP candidates and organizations use sweat equity to improve it," Skelly said. "It is the secret weapon Republicans all over the county are able to deploy to win their political battles.”


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