Tom Perez Fumbles to Explain How Dems Can Compete With Trump’s Record-Low Hispanic Unemployment Rate

Posted: Nov 04, 2019 11:29 PM
Tom Perez Fumbles to Explain How Dems Can Compete With Trump’s Record-Low Hispanic Unemployment Rate

Source: AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez was stumped when a Univision anchor Patricia Janiot asked him how Democrats could argue against President Donald Trump's record-low Hispanic unemployment rate.

"Mr. Perez, President Trump has achieved something important, especially for Latinos, which is to reduce the unemployment rate to historic lows," she said. "How then can the Democrats compete with a president that has been beneficial to Latinos on economic matters?”

It was obvious Perez was caught off guard by the question. He naturally went to typical liberal talking points about how the rich get richer and poor get poorer. 

“The economic situation in the United States is excellent for the wealthy like Trump,” Perez explained. “But the economic situation is still bad for our community, and that’s why we have to elect Democrats.”

The Hispanic unemployment rate currently sits at 4.2 percent, the White House revealed back in September. 

Even the mainstream media, who hates President Trump and everything he stands for, had to give him credit for the achievement. 

“The total economic output of Latinos in the United States was $2.3 trillion in 2017, up from $2.1 trillion, according to a new report," MSNBC reported last month. 

"The Hispanic women unemployment rate was 3.8% in September and the Black adult women jobless rate was 4.6%," CNBC reported in October.

"Hispanic unemployment fell to 3.9%, setting a record low, while black unemployment remained at a record low of 5.5%," CNN reported back in September. 

Perez had no response to Janiot's question because there's no adequate response. How do you tell American voters, those who are finally feeling economic relief, to abandon the path they're on – one that is working for them – and completely change course? Why would Hispanic voters want to take two steps forward and 10 back? They saw what eight years under Obama did. They've seen what Trump has been able to accomplish over the last almost three years. 

Admit it, Tom. Trump caught your tongue.