WATCH: Uninformed Protestors Swarm Ted Cruz At LAX

Posted: Jul 29, 2019 9:35 PM
WATCH: Uninformed Protestors Swarm Ted Cruz At LAX

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

A group of pro-migrant protestors flocked to Los Angeles International Airport over the weekend to harass Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for being a strong supporter of legal immigration.

The group Voto Latino tweeted a video of the group chanting "free the children" at Cruz. According to the tweet, Cruz supports locking illegal aliens in cages along the Southern Border. 

Although Cruz supports building a border wall and fixing the broken system, he has also been outspoken about the dangers children face when coming to America illegally.

"Earlier today I visited the Central Processing Center here in the valley, visited the McAllen headquarters. One of the more disturbing figures that I heard from the chief is in 2014, not too many years ago, of the adult men crossing illegally into this country roughly one percent had a child with them," Cruz said earlier this month during a press conference. 

"Today roughly fifty percent of the adult men crossing into the Rio Grande sector have a child with them. The reason for that, the fault of that is the U.S. Congress because we have told the traffickers, the human traffickers, we’ve told the drug traffickers, if you bring a child, that child is essentially a get outta jail free card. It is an incentive from the United States Congress: Go and find a small child and take that arduous journey, risk that child’s life," he said.

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According to the Texas Senator, “far too many of those children face physical abuse, they face sexual abuse, they face neglect. And a growing problem we’re seeing is fraudulent family units.”

Pro-open borders advocates are quick to blame Republicans for what's taking place at the Southern Border. They must have missed the memo: President Barack Obama implemented this system back in 2014. It's something Border Patrol agents have long talked about