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Anti-Abortion Group Announces Major Plan For Next Democratic Debate

The anti-abortion group Created Equal plans to roll their JumboTron TV through the streets of Detroit on July 30th and 31st during the Democratic debates. The goal is to show the gruesome reality of abortion. Pro-life activists will also take to the streets to engage debate attendees and voters.


The group decided to roll out the JumboTron TV because of the Democrats radical stance on abortion such as:

• Late-term abortions.
• Publicly-funded abortions.
• No limits on abortions.
• Born alive abortions where there's “no requirement for life saving interventions”

“We will park our Jumbotron as close to the front door of the debate hall as we possibly can to expose the truth of abortion like no other message can. This will have a profound impact on the debate because even if these candidates hold fast to their pro-abortion positions, America will see the truth," Mark Harrington, President and Founder of Created Equal, said in a statement. "As it always does, the jumbotron images of live abortion will shock every voter to the core. Never before has any presidential campaign included such radical positions! We cannot let abortion advocates prevail! Millions of babies will continue to be killed if we fail to act!”

Created Equal utilized their JumboTron TV during the March for Life rallies on Washington, D.C. but they also take it to the streets and college campuses. This is the first time the JumboTron will be utilized at a Democratic debate. 


"These events are attended by the public, and while the actual candidates are probably whisked in through the back, that’s not the point," Harrington told The Daily Wire. "The point is, those who support the Democratic platform – which is unlimited abortion up until the time of birth, including tax-funded abortion, and for that matter, infanticide – those are the people who need to see it."

Harrington wanted to remind conservatives of one very pivotal point: our country has never seen a political party that takes such an extreme stance on abortion. 

"...we have never seen a major political party take the positions on abortion like the current presidential candidates have," Harrington explained. "The fact that they support abortion up to the point of birth, even infanticide, and they want us to pay for it with our tax dollars, is beyond extreme."

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