Booker Has An Interesting Idea For Making Abortions Permanent In America

Posted: May 15, 2019 9:00 PM
Booker Has An Interesting Idea For Making Abortions Permanent In America

Source: AP Photo/Charles Krupa

In light of Alabama's recent decision to make abortion almost entirely illegal, 2020 democratic presidential candidate Sen. Cory Book (D-NJ) proposes making Roe v. Wade a permanent part of the law by having Congress draft legislation.

Before Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed the bill into law, Booker took to Twitter to reiterate his position:

Booker doubled down during an interview with BuzzFeed News, saying it's important for action to be taken. 

“The injustices we're seeing in Alabama right now with this legislation, it's important that all of us understand that this is a threat to women's freedoms and women's rights all over our country, not just there," he said.

“Right now I am calling for it [a bill to make abortion permanently legal], even though obviously with Mitch McConnell and a [majority Republican] Senate we would not see a vote” should it be introduced.

“We need to pass it through the House and Senate, and I look forward to signing that law when I become president,” he added.

He would also want to repeal the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits taxpayer funds going towards an abortion. Booker said another part of his plan would be repealing a Trump-era regulation rollback that allows a business or organization from opting out of providing mployees with insurance coverage for contraception and would “expand Medicaid and Medicare to find a way to help low-income women not only have access to reproductive care but have access to prenatal care and postpartum care.”

The New Jersey senator also vowed to only appoint Supreme Court justices who agree with Roe v. Wade and would keep it intact.