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Parkland School Shooter Registered to Vote Behind Bars. Here's What One Victim's Father Had to Say About It.

Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz registered to vote in Florida despite being behind bars. Now, the father of one of his victims is speaking out. Andrew Pollack, whose daughter, Meadow, died as a result of the shooting, is upset Cruz is able to vote. 


According to Pollack, Meadow would have turned 18 in October, making her eligible to vote for the first time on Nov. 6th.

“To allow him to register to vote when my daughter can’t, it’s like sticking a big knife in my heart,” Pollack told Fox News.

Pollack found out Cruz was registered to vote while keeping track of ballots in Broward County. He tweeted a screencapture of Cruz's voter information, referring to him only as "18-1958," his inmate number:

Cruz listed the Broward County jail as his address. Because the jail is listed as his "home address," he could qualify for an absentee ballot, although it's unclear how he voted.


In Florida, those who are awaiting trial and those serving time for misdemeanors are eligible to vote. The state barred convicted felons from voting but voters approved a Constitutional amendment last week that would allow over one million felons to vote. The amendment is supposed to go into effect in January.

While most people were rather supportive and agreed with Pollack, he did receive some flack for calling Cruz out:

But he made his amazement known.


It's sad that we even have to debate whether or not criminals should be allowed to vote. Having a say in our political process is something that deserves to be preserved and protected to the law-abiding. Anyone who can say that people like Cruz should be allowed to vote should have to look at parents, like Pollack, in the face and tell them that. Not behind a computer screen. Not through text. But in face. How many of them would suddenly change their tunes?

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