San Francisco Drops a Pretty Penny to Register Illegal Aliens to Vote

Posted: Nov 04, 2018 9:05 PM
San Francisco Drops a Pretty Penny to Register Illegal Aliens to Vote

Just when we think liberals in California couldn't possibly do something to surprise us, they manage to catch us off guard. This is definitely one of those instances. The liberal hub of San Francisco spent $310,000 – or roughly $6,300 per person – to register 49 illegal aliens to vote in local school elections, the Sacramento Bee reported. 

The move comes after San Francisco voters decided back in 2016 to allow illegal aliens over the age of 18 to vote in school elections. In order to be eligible to vote in these elections, the illegal alien must be of age, reside in city limits and have kids under the age of 19.

“We assumed that it would be many thousands, potentially that could register, And so far we’re at 49,” San Francisco Director of Elections John Arntz told KPIX-TV.

According to Arntz, an entirely new voter registration system had to be developed for illegal aliens.

"We created a separate ballot for these folks. We have separate roster pages for the polling places, we have a separate registration affidavit," Arntz said. "We have a separate vote by mail ballot application, we have a separate website page. ”

Supporters of the measure say allowing illegal aliens to vote in school elections is a way to empower parents to be involved in their child's education.

"Voting is paramount to having a voice," Stevon Cook, vice-president of the SFUSD Board of Education, told SFGate. "Seeing our families feel like they have to go into hiding, like they can't have their concerns heard because of the attacks from the White House is something we want to stand firmly against. This is part of an overall strategy that assures that families in our city, whether they're citizens or not, they have a voice in the direction and future of our schools." 

The number of illegal aliens taking part in voting is smaller than anticipated, in part because any information obtained to register them for the special system could be handed over to the federal government, including ICE officials.

Registration drives specifically geared towards illegal aliens voting in school elections began back in July, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.