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ICYMI: Obama's 90-Second Temper Tantrum About Conservatives And The Midterm Election

Former President Barack Obama has been traveling across the country campaigning on behalf of Democratic candidates. During a campaign rally for Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) in Miami on Friday, Obama became unhinged over conservatives and what we say will happen if Democrats take power.


"In 2010, they said Bill and I were setting up death panels to kill your grandma. Remember that? In 2014 they said Ebola is going to kill all of us, shut the borders," Obama explained. "In 2016, it was Hillary’s emails. They were all wound up about that. Now, in 2018, they’re telling you the existential threat to America is a bunch of poor refugees a thousand miles away. They’re even taking our brave troops away from their families for a political stunt at the border. And our men and women deserve better than that."

Obama had a similar type of "speech" during a trip to Wisconsin last week. It was almost as if the cat caught his tongue and he couldn't speak. It was obvious he wanted to attack President Donald Trump but couldn't muster up the words to do so:


Conservatives aren't fear-mongering, as Obama claims. We're speaking the cold, hard truth. We're not just looking at the gratification of today but the long-term impact that policies will have on the future of our nation.

It's easy to say that Republicans are trying to scare people into voting for them but the reality is simple: back in 2014, people were very afraid of Ebola. In 2016, Americans were genuinely concerned about Hillary's emails and the lack of security she had. And now, Americans are worried about what's taking place on our southern border. That's not "fear-mongering." It's called being in touch with the average American family.

President Obama, once again, proved that he doesn't understand what families across America are going through or why Trump won to begin with.

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