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Bloomberg Drops Millions on These Races to Push Dems to Midterm Victory (VIDEO)

Democratic billionaire Michael Bloomberg's political action committee (PAC), Independence USA PAC, just dropped $11 million on an ad buy designed to help boost Democrats before midterms, the Los Angeles Times reported.


The PAC is spending $4.4 million on ad buys against Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (CA-48) and $5.1 million to promote Rep. Steve Knight’s (CA-25) Democratic challenger, Katie Hill. The remaining funds are going to candidate Mike Levin who hopes to take retiring Rep. Darrell Issa's (R-49) seat.

"Democrats, who need to gain 23 seats to win the majority, have targeted Rohrabacher, Knight, and Reps. Mimi Walters of Laguna Beach and Jeff Denham of the San Joaquin Valley," The Times reported. "They also hope to capture the open seats of Issa and departing GOP Rep. Ed Royce of Fullerton."

Rohrabacher spokesman Dale Neugebauer said outside money is flooding into race.

“Billionaires from San Francisco and New York City are pouring millions of dollars into this district to buy the election for Nancy Pelosi and advance their own personal agendas,” Neugebauer told the Times. “Their attack ads are intended [to] mislead and to distort Rep. Rohrabacher’s record. It won’t work.”


Here's their ad attacking Rohrabacher:

The League of Conservation Voters committee has also pitched in $650,000 to air the anti-Rohrabacher ad.

Here's their ad promoting Hill: 

Bloomberg's PAC also dropped $10 million on a national ad buy encouraging people to vote for Democrats.

“It’s clearer than ever that we need a new Congress,” Bloomberg said in a statement. “With the midterm elections less than two weeks away, we’re taking this message from coast to coast and urging voters to elect Democrats to the House and Senate.”

The national ad began running on TV and online on Friday in Chicago, Seattle, Detroit, Kansas City, Miami, Orlando, Portland and Atlanta, CNN reported. 

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