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Mic Drop: Deborah Ramirez's Former Roommate May Have Cleared Kavanaugh of 'Sexually Aggressive' Behavior

Deborah Ramirez's roommate at Yale, Liz Swisher, appeared on CNN's "Cumo Prime Time" on Friday night to discuss Judge Brett Kavanaugh's testimony. Swisher said she stepped forward because Kavanaugh lied about his drinking habits under oath.


"I've known Brett since the very beginning of freshman year. He was always one of the beer drinking boys and I drank beer with him," Swisher said. "I liked beer. There's no problem with drinking beer in college. The problem is lying about it. He drank heavily. He was a partier. He liked to do beer bongs. He played drinking games. He was a sloppy drunk. He was more interested in impressing the boys than he was in impressing the girls."

Although Swisher painted Kavanaugh out to be a party-loving, beer-drinking, sloppy drunk, she also did one thing: admit that she never saw any kind of 'sexually aggressive' behavior from the Supreme Court nominee.

"I never saw him be sexually aggressive but he was definitely a sloppy drunk," Swisher said.

Swisher said she's skeptical of Kavanaugh's testimony because he lied about his drinking.

"There were things that he explained that didn't meet with a lot of people's expectations. Let me ask you something though: if he is lying about how much he liked drinking and and whether or not he got drunk a lot – if he is not telling the truth about that do you think that is disqualifying for him in this nomination?" Cuomo asked Swisher.

"Absolutely. That's perjury. He was under oath," Swisher replied. 

"Even if it's not about the main allegations? Even if he's telling the truth that 'I'm not the one that did this to Christine Ford, I didn't do this to your former roommate at Yale, Ramirez, alleges. I never did that. I was never there. I never did any of that?'" Cuomo pressed. "If he's truthful about all that but he's not telling the truth about how he was with booze, that's enough for you?"


"That's enough for me. If he had said – I would have stayed on the sidelines if he had said 'I drank to excess in high school, I drank to excess in college, I did some stupid things but I never sexually assaulted anyone' – that I would have stayed on the sidelines for," Swisher explained. "I didn't have any credible evidence to the contrary. But to lie under oath, to lie about that, then what else is true?"

Swisher also said there's a difference between truth and lies and those who are being nominated for the highest court in the land should know the difference.

Swisher is a gynecologic oncologist and professor at the University of Washington. She also directs the Breast and Ovarian Cancer Prevention Program at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, The Seattle Times reported.

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