Did White House Coordinate with 3rd Party Group?

Posted: Feb 11, 2009 9:52 AM
Greg Sargent over at the Plum Line has an interesting scoop this morning about Big Labor's campaign to pressure Republicans to support the stimulus bill.

Americans United for Change, a pro-labor coalition group, has been targeting Republicans with attack ads in national and regional markets.

Sargent says:"White House aides were told in advance what the concept of the ads would be, though they were briefed while the ad was in production, according to a Democrat familiar with the discussions."

The Hatch Act strictly prohibits federal employees from engaging in partisan behavior.

The language in the ads, which apparently  White House aides signed off on in some manner, is very partisan, although some Blue Dog Democrats has been critiqued by the group as well.

This is a sample text and ad:
"Our economy in crisis. Millions out of work. That’s why 80 percent of Americans support a plan like President Obama’s to create jobs.  But Republican leaders? They’re 'just saying no,'" says the ad's narrator. "No to changing the failed economic policies of the past 8 years. We’re in an economic crisis and Republican leaders are playing politics instead of doing what's right. Call the Republican Leadership – Tell them NO is not an option."