DeMint Clarifies 'Riot' Remarks

Posted: Dec 12, 2008 9:32 AM
Sen. Jim DeMint told a reporter yesterday he believed riots may occur if the auto bailout passed in a story that was linked by the Drudge Report sparking lots of outcry.

DeMint clarified his "riot" remarks in an appearance on CNN last night
DOBBS: Was that hyperbole or do you actually believe that that might be a real reaction?

 DEMINT: Well, I was looking for a word to describe how angry people are when they call our office. And we’ve certainly seen protesters in parts of the country who are frustrated that some have been bailed out and they’ve lost their jobs. But people will get angry. Obviously, we don’t want them to riot. But what’s going on up here is just throwing money at the wall and people are very frustrated with us.

DOBBS: You know, Senator, I — I’ve been saying on this broadcast now for some time, I understand some frustration, but the calls for — for Rick Wagoner, the chairman of — the CEO of GM, to be — to leave his post, hearing after hearing and speech after speech by senators and congressman opposing this, it’s $14 billion, we know it’s the first installment. But you guys checked off on trillions of dollars in one vote. I mean it’s unbelievable what the American people are witnessing there in the nation’s capital.

DEMINT: It is. And I voted against that first bailout and all the so-called bailout packages this year. And we’ve committed as you said, over $7 trillion of money we don’t have and Americans are just wondering where is this money going to come from, who are we going to charge it to? And if we continue to bail out one industry and pick winners and losers, the frustration among the American people is going to continue to grow.