Fiscal Conservatives Ask Bush for an Outgoing Favor

Posted: Nov 07, 2008 2:17 PM
Fiscal conservatives Rep. Jeff Flake and Sen. Tom Coburn would like President Bush to do something to before he leaves office: issue an executive order on earmarks.

The two men made their request public in a statement Friday that said such a measure would "help" the Obama Administration reform the corrupting practice of requesting federal dollars for pet-projects behind closed doors.

“The Republican Party’s indulgence in earmarks helped decimate its ranks in Congress and its reputation for fiscal responsibility,” said Dr. Coburn.  “By strengthening his executive order against this secretive process, President Bush will not only help the Republican Party regain its bearings, but give President-elect Obama more tools to combat this wasteful practice.  In a time of economic turmoil the last thing members of Congress should be doing is distracting themselves with narrow, parochial interests.”

 “President-elect Obama is going to be under tremendous pressure from congressional leaders to turn a blind eye to earmarks,” said Congressman Flake.  “He could really use this tool to if he wants to succeed in curbing pork.”

 Last January, President Bush issued an executive order that limited earmarks for federal agencies, but that measure has not been enough to curb pork-barrel spending.

You can view the whole letter from Flake and Coburn to the President HERE.