RE: CNN on Double Voting

Posted: Nov 04, 2008 2:52 PM
A man just left this message on the CNN helpline referencing the report I posted about the Philly man who told CNN's Brian Todd he voted twice

I'm not the only one who thought there should be some follow-up reporting.
CALLER: “I’m calling about the report on CNN where the guy standing there in Overbrook says he’s been back time and again to vote. Are you people investigating this? I mean, are there are people watching these polls and seeing how many times these guys are coming in there. It’s ridiculous, having that guy stand right there on TV and say it. I hope you’re taking care of that so we don’t have twelve, thirteen votes per person.”
I have the audio, but the man identifies himself with his name and phone number. I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate me blasting that information all over the internet.