Re: Romney Supporters Trashing Palin

Posted: Oct 29, 2008 12:59 PM
Yesterday I discussed an interview former Romney Spokesman Kevin Madden did with CNN's Campbell Brown, saying it was evidence of the Palin-Romney infighting.

A well-connected DC reader points out to me that Madden spoke very flatteringly about Palin in a later interview with Larry King and says I was wrong to write the previous post.

KING: Kevin, in your opinion, has your candidate, would he have been a better choice, Mitt Romney than Governor Palin?

MADDEN: No, I think you can't look at VP candidates as to which one would be better than the other. The presidential candidate has to make the choice that he thinks is best going to fit his ticket and is best going to enhance the attributes of the ticket. This pick was made to reestablish a maverick image and to double down on the issues of reform and to really take on a Washington which has succumbed to the status quo. And with that argument, McCain made the right pick.

Madden went on to say that Palin had a special appeal to working class voters and "as a validater for a lot of the anxieties that Americans face nowadays, Sarah Palin is a perfect pick."

I stand by my earlier blog post. It doesn't sound to me like Madden is a full-throated Palin supporter. He's sort of saying "Well, Palin is good for X reason if you accept Y argument."

Then again, Madden doesn't HAVE to be a full-throated supporter. He's not a party hack and he's entitled to his own views, like we all are at Townhall. That said, Madden, and his friends, should expect his comments to be put under the microscope when there is a flood of stories about Palin-Romney disputes. Madden can handle it. After all, he was a presidential spokesman!