Romney Supporters Trashing Palin

Posted: Oct 28, 2008 2:25 PM
It looks like there might be some truth to those rumors former Mitt Romney supporters are already trying to clear Sarah Palin from the GOP presidential deck to make room for their man Mitt in 2012.

Former Romney Spokesman Kevin Madden was particularly harsh on Palin in an interview on CNN. His criticism of Palin is especially noteworthy because we're only days from the election.

In a spot with Campbell Brown Madden said Palin's wardrobe flap showed how "unseasoned" Palin is.
BROWN: And, Kevin, even defending this whole controversy over the clothes, the RNC buying all the clothing, it keeps the story going, and, as Dana pointed out, one more day where it's dominating the coverage.

KEVIN MADDEN, FORMER ROMNEY CAMPAIGN NATIONAL PRESS SECRETARY: Yes. And that's an indication just how unseasoned Sarah Palin is as a national candidate.

Ordinarily, somebody who knows that this is something that you're trying to get to a subterranean level, that you don't want to dominate the narrative for yet another news cycle, would make sure that they don't mention that, and, instead, they focus with a certain rigidity on the message of the day, because that's exactly what a V.P. is supposed to do.
Madden went on to say this is why McCain should have picked someone to be VP who has been a governor "for a long time." (Um, who would that be...?)
MADDEN: Look, that is why people who have done this before, people who have run national campaigns, always tend to look at prospective V.P. candidates, and they're the ones that are nationally vetted, the ones that have been governors on the scene for a long time, the ones that have been -- gone through the scrutiny of the national press corps in Washington. And that's exactly what has happened here, is that, when you put out an unknown and you give them 70 days with which to go through a vetting process, both by voters and the national press corps, ugly things can tend to happen.[Transcript HERE]].