The Dems Preemptive Voter Suppression Strike

Posted: Oct 27, 2008 10:19 AM
On the homepage today I have an exclusive story about how the Democrats planned to preemptively accuse the GOP of intimidating minorities from voting in 2004.

In the piece I show how that strategy is at play again in this election primarily though the Democrats' defense of ACORN's rampant voter registration fraud.

That story is HERE. Obama's legal team is petitioning the Department of Justice to silence McCain-Palin from even discussing ACORN's fraud on the campaign trail. Why? Team Obama says they are suppressing votes.

Now there are more details about how the Department of Justice is getting in the game. The Wall Street Journal has a piece today, "Justice and Vote Fraud" about how the DOJ's Civil Rights Division is helping Obama in the name of "access."

The WSJ editorial board finds three items of concern from the Civil Rights Division.
1) A recent decision to reverse a 2002 policy that allowed criminal attorneys and federal employees to monitor polling places.
2) The DOJ's unwillingness to intervene in Ohio Democratic Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner's refusal to verify voter registrations in her state.
3) The Civil Rights attorneys at Justice who have donated heavily to Obama's presidential campaign.