Factchecker Says Obama Stretches Truth

Posted: Oct 21, 2008 2:56 PM
The Washington Post’s Michael Dobbs argues in his latest political “Factchecker” column that Barack Obama is misleading voters about John McCain’s health care plan in a new ad targeted to seniors.

A narrator in Obama's ad, titled "Your Golden Years" asks, " "How would your Golden Years turn out under John McCain? His healthcare plan would cut Medicare by $800 billion. That means a 22% cut in benefits. Higher premiums and co-pays. More expensive prescription drugs. Nursing home care could suffer. After a lifetime of work, seniors' healthcare shouldn't be a gamble. Senator McCain's plan? It's not the change we need."

Dobbs said McCain may be "wildly optimistic in believing that he can find sufficient savings in Medicare and Medicaid to pay for his promised refundable health care tax credit. But that criticism also applies to Obama who is relying on similar cost cuts to fund his health care plan".

“It is a huge stretch for the Obama campaign to argue that the McCain plan will inevitably result in an $800 billion cut in Medicare programs over 10 years, or a ‘22 percent cut’ in benefits paid to American seniors,” Dobbs concluded.