GOP Turning Up the Heat on Obama and ACORN

Posted: Oct 15, 2008 11:00 AM
Republican National Commitee Spokesman Danny Diaz went on an absolute tear on a confernece call this morning about Obama's relationship with ACORN and their voter registration fraud in North Carolina.

“They are trying to subvert the electoral system,” Diaz said. “He understands his relationship with this group is problematic. He believes his political interests and political expediency should be placed above the electorate, the truth and the rules and regulations everyone else needs to abide by.”

During the call a "reporter" from the Huffington Post asked a snarky question that went along the lines of "If Young Republicans went on a registration drive and turned in a million registrations and two percent were pranks or jokes, I think you'd say that was a pretty good effort."

Diaz pointed out ACORN has hired prison inmates to secure voter information and referred the liberal blogger to a report written by Democrat Claire McCaskill on ACORN's widespread fraud in the 2004 election when she was state auditor of Missouri.

Diaz also encourages Obama to fully disclose his relationship with ACORN, which has been distorted by his own campaign officials and his "Fight the Smears" website.

Obama has not been upfront about his promises to give ACORN influence in his admnistration, his decision to seek a political endorsement from their PAC or his payments to one of their subsidiaries for get out the vote efforts.

Obama's campaign also previously stated that Obama never worked for ACORN when in fact Obama led training sessions for them in 1992 and represted the group in court in 1995.

“I’d be curious to find out what exactly he trained them to do!” Diaz exclaimed.