Let Me Get This Right

Posted: Oct 09, 2008 10:00 AM
There's so much fire coming out right now against Obama that  the MSM will never put together, so I wanted to do a quick blog post on this to get my thoughts in order.

You never know when you might get the chance to fire off on it when it matters.

Okay, here goes:

The guy who is currently ten points ahead in the presidential polls worked as a community organizer for a fraudulent, corrupt GOTV operation called ACORN, pushed fringy educational reform issues and secured money for a known terrorist to create a UN-like "Peace School" in Chicago, lies outright about his record on infanticide, attended a radical church for 20 years that spews anti-American hatred and we're supposed to look the other way?

We're supposed believe he has the judgment and character needed to appoint a whole Executive Branch worth of quality, reasonable people if he becomes president?

Obama says it's a "distracting" tactic of "guilt by association." Yes, it is guilt by association. Totally. Obama hung out with these people and accepted them and never spoke a word against their terrible deeds. That makes Obama guilty.