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Biden on Lehman

Biden isn't really addressing the Lehman meltdown on the stump today. He's basically just talking about how crummy the economy is, blaming Bush and saying McCain-Palin is only more of the same.

"Folks, we've seen this movie before and we know the sequel is always worse than the original," Biden said. "If we forget this history, we are doomed to repeat it, we'll get four more years of the past eight."

"John McCain can easily become known as Bush 44."

More McCain-Palin-Bush bashing from Biden:
-"The McCain-Palin campaign decided to bet the house on the politicsperfected by Karl Rove."
-"He stands firmly with George Bush in the corner of the wealthy and well-connected."
-"John McCain now wants to add $4 billion in new tax cuts for the ExxonMobils of the world and the wealthiest Americans."
-"There is simply no daylight between John McCain and George Bush, at least none I've been able to discern."

This isn't really important, but throughout his speech today Biden called McCain "John." Very informal, is this a jab. I guess after Sarah and ABC's "Charlie" Gibson everyone is on a first name basis now.

I prefer titles like "Sir," "Govenor," "Senator" and "First Dude."

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