Barack Obama's Candy Store

Posted: Aug 28, 2008 11:35 PM
I had to wait for the transcript to come out so I could make you this list of all the goodies he's pledging to give you in exchange for his vote, according to this historic, life-changing, magical speech.

Here are all his definitive promises:

-Cut taxes for 95 percent of "working families"
-Make the nation energy independent in 10 years (2 years after a possible two Obama terms)
-Make hybrid cars more affordable
-"Retool" the fledgling auto industry and create 5 million new jobs in that sector.
-Spend $150 billion on renewable energy
-Give teachers more money
-Provide cheap college to anyone "commits to serving your community."
-Deliver “affordable, accessible health care for every American"
-Hand out paid sick days
-Provide Pension security and social security solvency

And how does Obama think he's going to pay for all these goodies? He says he'll tax corporations and cut unnamed government programs. Hah. He could start by naming ONE program, that would offset any ONE of these sugar cookie promises he made tonight.

It doesn't add up. Barack Obama had a chance tonight to show HOW he would produce the change he's been promising since we met him in 2004. He didn't do it and I expect the GOP to make everyone very aware of this blown opportunity next week.