Michelle's Prime Time Pageantry

Posted: Aug 26, 2008 8:23 AM
This was my reaction to Michelle's speech for Glamour this morning. H/T to Lewis on the Carville sound bite I reference in the post:

Michelle Obama managed to kiss up to Hillary Clinton and finally tell America she is proud of her country in her prime-time DNC speech last night, but did little to convince swing voters why her husband should be the next President.

Former Clinton guru James Carville said the Dems wasted a quarter of their convention last night."If this party has a message it's done a hell of a job hiding it tonight, I promise you that," he said. I agree.

Yes, Michelle looked stunning. The neckline of her dress was flattering. Her hair was great and her makeup looked natural, but her speech was nothing more than a soft-sell: Like me because I'm beautiful and am saying beautiful things about America. Michelle glossed over policy like a stick of Revlon, lumping Iraq, the economy, health care and education into a throwaway paragraph near the end of the speech.

But conventions aren't beauty pageants. If it were, there would be a Q & A period and someone would ask Michelle what qualifies her husband to become president. And I can hear the crickets now.