Obama's Michigan Problem

Posted: Aug 14, 2008 10:16 AM
Barack Obama's Michigan campaign staff are having an internal battle over whether or not Obama should throw his friend and disgraced Detriot Mayor Kwame "sexy text" Kilpatrick "under the bus."

The clamor for Kilpatrick to resign is rising and Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm is fearful Michigan Republican will use clips of Obama speaking glowingly about Kirkpatrick against Obama in the months ahead. 

Kilpatrick (a married man) made national headlines when he lied about his romantic relationship with his (also married) female chief of staff during a highly-publicized whistleblower trial. Their cover was blown when more than 14,000 text messages were discovered, laying out places to conduct their, er, extra-marital relations among other things like firing employees, etc.

The mayor now faces felony charges of perjury, misconduct and obstruction of justice. The woman was also hit with seven felonies.

Kilpatrick went to jail earlier this month because he skipped out to Canada for a "business trip." He's out now though and  a judge ruled today, Kilpatrick would be able remove his electronic tether  to attend the Democratic National Convention later this month.

Some of Obama's Michigan campaign staff want Obama to call for Kirkpatrick's resignation to preempt the GOP from running any ads tying them together. Others want Obama to stand by the mayor.

Check out the video report from Detroit local news below:

So, the million dollar question for any Michigan reporter worth his salt is to ask Obama, "Should Kilpatrick resign?" Either way, Obama is up a creek with Detroit voters, it seems.

And by the way, in case you need any more of an idea for how utterly terrible Detroit is under Kilpatrick's tenure, take a look at this article. The banks can't even sell foreclosed houses for $1, partially because squatters have invaded and ripped out the copper wiring to sell in a junkyard.

This is common practice in third-world countries. Detriot is quickly on its way.